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PREDNISONUM (Prednisonum; synonym: Ancortone, Cortidelt, Cortisid, Decor-tin, Dehydrocortison, Delcortin, Deltasone, Deltra, Di-Adreson, Hostacortin, Metacortandracin, Metacorten, Paracort, Precortal, Pronisone, Ultracorten etc.) — a synthetic analog of a cortisone, прегнандиен-1,4-диол-17а,21-трион-3,11,20, or delta Dehydrocortisonum; in medicine it is used as medicine. On character biol. P.'s actions it is close to glucocorticosteroids (see. Glucocorticoid hormones ), however influences mineral metabolism of P. not so actively as cortisone (see). Believe what in P.'s liver turns in Prednisolonum (see) which renders biol, action on an organism.

The item represents white crystal powder, almost water-insoluble and slightly soluble in alcohol.

The item as p Prednisolonum, apply at rheumatism, a pseudorheumatism, bronchial asthma, an acute lymphoid leukosis and a myeloleukemia, a mononucleosis, neurodermatitises, eczema and some other hron. inflammatory processes.

Contraindications to P.'s use are the peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, a severe form of a hypertension, psychoses and others patol, states, and also pregnancy (see. Prednisolonum ).

Side effect of P. is similar to action of other glucocorticoids (see. Glucocorticoid hormones ).

Appoint P. inside. An initial dose of 0,025 — 0,05 g (for adults) in days in 2 — 3 receptions, a maintenance dose from 0,01 to 0,002 g a day. The highest single dose for adult 0,015 g, daily 0,1 g.

It is considered to be that 25 mg of Prednisonum are equivalent to 20 mg of Prednisolonum, however in connection with significant individual differences in P.'s metabolism it is a ratio can change.

Form of release: tablets but 0,001 and 0,005 g.

Store in the place protected from light, the joint venture. B.

See also Hydrocortisone , Immunodepressive substances .

Bibliography: See bibliogr, to St. Prednisolonum .

G. A. Melnichenko.