POTT Persivel

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POTT Persivel (Pott Percival, 1714 — 1788) — the English surgeon.

POTT Persivel

Since 1744 would work in St Bartholomew in London, in 1749 — 1787 — the chief surgeon of this-tsy. P. Pott is the author of the numerous works relating to various fields of surgery, from to-rykh the works devoted to fractures, dislocations, rickets and other diseases of bones and joints are most known.

It described «a softening, destruction and a curvature of a rachis» (1779) — a so-called disease of Pott (a tubercular spondylitis).

For treatment of this disease he offered an immobilization of a backbone, the strengthening food, a climatotherapy. The name of P. Pott is born by one of types of fractures of anklebones described by it in 1769 (see. Potta change ). It possesses the description of inborn hernia (1756), works devoted to the lacrimal and proctal fistulas, a gidrotsela (1762), a professional carcinoma cutaneum at chimney sweeps (1775), to tumors of the head (Pott's tumor); works on patol, anatomy. The meeting of works of P. Pott from 1771 to 1808 was repeatedly republished, in particular in the German, French and Italian languages.

Works: Observations on the nature and consequences of wounds and contusions of the head, fractures of the skull, concussions of the brain, L., 1760; Some few general remarks on fractures and dislocations, L., 1769; The chirurgical works, v. 1 — 2, Dublin, 1771 — 1772, v. 1—3, L. 1808; Remarks on that kind of palsy of the lower limbs which is frequently found to accompany a curvature of the spine, L., 1779.

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