POTEN Pierre

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POTEN Pierre (Potain Pierre Carl Edouard, 1825 — 1901) — the French therapist, one of founders of cardiology, the member of National academy of medicine (1882) and Academy of Sciences of France (1893).

POTEN Pierre

In 1848 ended medical f-t Parisian un-that, worked as the assistant in clinic Zh. Buyo. In 1853 defended the dissertation on a subject about the vascular patol, noise arising after hemorrhages. Since 1859 the associate professor medical f-that, since 1876 the prof. of pathology and therapy, then the prof. of medical clinic in hospital Necker, since 1886 the head of clinic you Rummage.

P. Poten is a representative Parisian a wedge. the school founded by Zh. Korvizar was an outstanding doctor-diagnostician — «the first clinical physician in Paris». It continued the development of semiotics of heart troubles begun by his teachers: described click of opening of the mitral valve as a sign of a mitral stenosis; explained origins and semiotics value of a cantering rhythm; described a dullness in upper mezhreberye to the right of a breast and a metal shade of the II tone («noise of a tambourine») at an aortectasia; entered a concept of a meyopragiya of heart — an acute heart failure; gave a wedge, an assessment to a phenomenon of a pulsation of a liver; developed the doctrine about functional cordial noise. In it «Clinical lectures (About heart troubles and their treatment)», the doctors of the different countries who became the desktop management (are translated into Russian in 1898), the functional direction of future cardiology is planned: «Of course, there is no body or system in an organism which diseases could remain isolated and would not be reflected by all means in other bodies. But at heart troubles reflection this most direct...». P. Poten's merits in development and deployment in clinic of methods of a research of cardiovascular system are considerable: radiological, and also methods of measurement of the ABP (one of the first he noted increase in the ABP at a disease Brayt, diseases of kidneys, arteriosclerosis), a sfigmografiya (designed a polygraph for simultaneous registration of a cardiac impulse, arterial and venous pulse, 1867). He invented also the suction apparatus of liquids from perigastriums (see. Potena device ) and — jointly with the pupil Malasse (L. Page of Malassez, 1870) — the camera for calculation of blood cells. The largest fr. cardiologists of the first quarter of 20 century A. Yushar and A. Vakez belong to P. Poten's school; in Poten's clinic in 1901 studied graphical methods of a research of cardiovascular system of N. D. Strazhesko.

Works: Clinical lectures, the lane with fr., SPb., 1897; La pression arterielle de l’homme h. l’etat normal et pathologique, P., 1902.

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