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POTENA DEVICE ( P. Page E. Potain , the fr. doctor, 1825 — 1901) — the pleuroaspirator intended for suction of big accumulations of liquid from pleural and other cavities. It can be used for administration of injection solutions in a vein, a perigastrium or subcutaneously. It is offered by P. Potek in 19 century. It is used very restrictedly.

Item and. consists of the graduated glass jar with a capacity of 500 ml, a rubber bung with a clip and two glass tubes, one of to-rykh comes to an end on the lower sawn-off shotgun of a stopper, and another reaches to the bottom tanks, 3 rubber tubes 40 cm long, the crane tee and the pump for forcing of air in a vessel or creations in it insignificant depression. If in P. and. depression is created, it is used as an otsasyvatel (see. Aspirators ), entering the cannula connected to the tube reaching to the bottom tanks into a cavity and if pressure in a vessel is increased, from it through a cannula it is possible to pour in solutions of pharmaceuticals.

V. I. Belkevich.