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POSTVACCINAL COMPLICATIONS (Latin post after + vaccinus cow) — the morbid conditions etiologically connected with vaccination.

Unlike the inoculative general and local reactions which are proceeding rather easily and quickly taking place by P. lakes are in some cases characterized by heavy disturbance of life activity of an organism and demand intensive treatment.

In pathogeny The item of the lake the crucial role belongs to a condition of reactivity of the organism vaccinated to hl. obr. the allergic, but not increased reactogenicity of separate vaccines (series).

Distinguish: a) actually P. of the lake — a vaktsiniya generalized (see. Vaccinal disease ), postvaccinal encephalitis (see. Encephalitis ), acute anaphylaxis (see), serum disease (see); b) The items of the lake caused by disturbance of an asepsis, antiseptics and the equipment of inoculations which can cause consecutive infection, and also exceeding of a dose of drug etc. Sometimes vaccination is a provocative (stressful) factor for an aggravation of already available chronic or latent process in an organism, however it is impossible to regard such aggravations as P. of the lake.

Treatment The item of the lake consists in fight against those morbid conditions which are revealed at vaccinated (an acute anaphylaxis, a serum disease, intoxication, etc.), the treatment of consecutive infections including a complex of etiotropic, pathogenetic and symptomatic means. Further carry out recovery therapy depending on character of complications and residual phenomena.

Prevention The item the island demands strict observance of rules of vaccination, the attentive accounting of contraindications to use of specific vaccines, especially allergic status, observance guarding a gigabyte. the mode after inoculations. All cases of P. of the lake are subject to the special account with the notification of SES according to instructions of M3 of the USSR.

See also Antirabic vaccinations , Vaccinal disease , Vaccination , Vaccinotherapy , Immunization , Immunotherapy , Smallpox vaccination , Postvaccinal allergy .

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A. A. Sumarokov, R. Ya. Shkolnik.