POSPELOV Alexey Ivanovich

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POSPELOV Alexey Ivanovich (1846 — 1916) — the domestic dermatovenerologist, the founder of the Moscow dermatological school.

POSPELOV Alexey Ivanovich

In 1869 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that; since 1884 the privatdozent, since 1887 extraordinary, and from 1892 to 1910 ordinary professor and the department chair of skin and venereal diseases un-that. At the same time (1876 — 1901) chief physician Myasnitskoy-tsy in Moscow. One of organizers of Dolgorukovsky school for midwives, the first maternity shelter for the women sick with syphilis, and also the first out-patient clinic for patients with venereal diseases with free delivery of drugs.

A. I. Pospelov possesses the scientific works devoted to various questions of dermatology and syphilology, in particular studying of a role of a nervous system in emergence and character of a current of various dermatosis, and also working conditions and life of dermatological patients. He is the author of textbooks on dermatology. Are described by it the fixed medicamentous dermatitis (1890), a number of rare skin diseases — an eritromelalgiya, Kaposha's sarcoma, to-ruyu it connected with changes of blood vessels (to them the name «acroangioma cutis haemorrhagicum» is offered), etc., a symptom of «the crumpled tissue piece of paper» at the idiopathic progressing atrophy of skin and «fragmentary» hems at a scrofuloderma; he offered test by the probe at a tubercular lupus, a technique of massage of face skin; in details developed an injection method of mercurating at treatment of patients with syphilis. On its initiative the museum of wax molds (models) of work of the known mulyazhist of S. P. Fiveysky is created.

A. I. Pospelov was an organizer Moscow about-va venereologists and dermatologists (1891), dermatological section of Pirogovsky congresses, the I sifilidologichesky congress, dermatological section XII of the International congress of doctors in Moscow.

S. L were A. I. Pospelov's pupils. Hooks, G. I. Meshchersky, N. A. Chernogubov, etc.

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