POSNIKOV Pyotr Vasilyevich

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POSNIKOV, Postnikov Pyotr Vasilyevich (1676 — 1716) — the domestic doctor, one of the first Russian doctors who were entitled the doctor of medicine.

P. V. Posnikov. The portrait is published for the first time. It is found by the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences V. A. Negovsky on a wall list of the Paduan university.

In 1691 ended Slavyano - Greek-Latin academy in Moscow, then medical f-t Paduan un-that. In 1695 for the thesis «The signs indicating developing of putrefactive fevers» («Significant 1‘ebres putridinus adventus causarum») gained «with a great praise» the diploma of the doctor of philosophy and medicine. «For bigger commission in medicine» spent over a year in Venice, Paris, Brussels and Leiden. As a part of Great embassy accompanied Peter I on his trips across Holland and England. After Peter I's departure it is left in England «for examination of academies», in particular Oxford un-that. Then P. V. Posnikov went to Naples that, according to him, «live dogs to grow stiff, and the dead be». But P. V. Posnikov could not carry out this intention since it was directed as the diplomat to the Karlovitsky congress (he knew the Greek, Latin, Italian and French languages that caused its destiny as the diplomat). In 1701 P. V. Posnikov was enlisted by the first of the Russian doctors in the Pharmaceutical order, but he did not manage to show fully the abilities in medicine and the accumulated experience in business of training of doctors: in 1703 it was sent to Paris as the informal agent.

P. V. Posnikov became history of domestic science as the first Russian physiologist. There is an assumption that he was the first Russian microscopist.

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