PORUDOMINSKY Ilya Mironovich

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PORUDOMINSKY Ilya Mironovich (1890 — 1968) — the Soviet urologist, professor (1939).

PORUDOMINSKY Ilya Mironovich

In 1916 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that. Since 1922 worked in Central kozhnovenerologichesky in-those; since 1940 the manager. department of urology of it in-that. In 1936 protected dokt, the thesis on «About Ways of Spread of a Gonococcal Infection in a Human Body».

I. M. Porudominsky published St. 200 scientific works, including 6 monographs devoted generally to questions of a pathogeny, diagnosis and treatment of gonorrhea and post-gonorrheal diseases, sexual frustration at men and male infertility. Its monograph «Sexual Frustration at Men» was republished in the USSR and abroad. I. M. Porudominsky — one of founders and the first heads skin venerol. clinics in the USSR; was an editor of an edition of department «Urology» of the 2nd prod. BME.

Works: Pathological anatomy of male gonorrhea, Owls. vestn. veins. and dermas., No. 4, page 335, 1935; The Role and value of a nervous system in spread of a gonorrheal infection, Urology, No. 1, page 36, 1937; Gonorrhoea of the man and woman, Sverdlovsk, 1947 (sovm, with Petchenko A. I.); Gonorrhea, M., 1952; Sexual frustration at men, M., 1957, 1960; Post-gonorrheal uretrita at men, Owls. medical, jvft 10, page 94, 1958; Some features of clinic and therapy of the impotence which arose owing to urological diseases, Urology, No. 6, page 42, 1961; About mechanical supportive applications of treatment of impotence, in the same place, JVa 6, page 50, 1962; Infertility at men, L., 1964; Sexual frustration at men, the Aetiology, clinic and treatment, M., 1968.

Bibliography: Professor Ilya Mironovich Porudominsky (to the 70 anniversary since birth and to the 45 anniversary nauch., doctor., ped. and societies. deyateln.), Vestn, dermas, and veins., No. I, page 93, 1960.

Ya. V. Gudynsky.