PORTUGALOV Victor Valentinovich

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PORTUGALOV Victor Valentinovich (1909 — 1982) — the Soviet cytologist and gistokhimik, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1963), professor (1955), the winner of the State award USSR (1951).

PORTUGALOV Victor Valentinovich

Ended in 1934 biological f-t Moscow un-that. In 1938 — 1941 worked under the leadership of B. I. Lavrentyev in department of morphology All-Union in-that experimental medicine. During the Great Patriotic War served in hospitals (1941 — 1943), worked at department patol, anatomy of the BMA (1943— 1946) Moscow branch. Since 1947 pe 1955 manager. department of medical radiology Ying-that biophysics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1955 protected dokt, the thesis on a gistofiziologiya of nerve terminations. Since 1955 the manager. laboratory of a biohistochemistry Ying-that a brain of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, since 1964 the manager. department Ying-that medicobiological problems M3 of the USSR, since 1978 the manager. department of gistomole-kulyarny biology and manager. laboratory of neurohistology of B. I. Lavrentyev of scientific research institute of normal physiology of P. K. Anokhin of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

V. V. Portugalov published St. 170 scientific works, including 5 monographs devoted generally to questions of cytophysiology of a nervous cell, nerve fibrils and the terminations, the structural and chemical organization of analizatorny systems of a brain in processes onto-and phylogenesis. Amitotiche-sky nuclear fission of a polyploid cell is for the first time shown them by method of microcinematography. V. V. Portugalov — one of pioneers of studying of influence of factors of space flight on an organism of mammals in the conditions of model experiences and flight experiments; directed morphological and cytochemical researches in experiments on biol, satellites of Earth of the Space series. V. V. Portugalov was elected the member of bureau of department of medicobiological sciences of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Cellular a was a board member Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va anatomists, histologists and embryologists, the associate editor of magazines «Archive of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology» and «. molecular biology» (prod. Pergamon Press).

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Studien iiber Zellengrosse und Zellen-wachstum, Uber die Wirkung von Prolan auf die Zellengrosse, Z. Zellforsch., Bd 20, S. 36, 1933 (sovm, with Wermel E. M); The Structure of amyelenic nerve fibrils of peripheral nerves, in book: Morphology of an autonomous nervous system, under the editorship of B. I. Lavrentyev, page 100, M., 1946; Gistofiziologiya of nerve terminations, yew., M., 1953; Experience of studying of mitochondrions by histochemical methods, in book: Plastic and recovery processes, under the editorship of A. N. Studitsky, page 202, M., 1959; Changes in heart at a hypoxia, Tousle, biol., t. 1, No. 1, page 40, 1967 (sovm, with other); About mechanisms of development of morphological changes in the mammals who were on biological satellites, Izv. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, it is gray. biol., No. 4, page 501, 1978.

Bibliography: Victor Valentinovich Portugalov (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Arkh. annate., gistol, and embriol., t. 76, century 5, page 121, 1979.

S. S. Mikhaylov.