PORTUGALOV Veniamin Osipovich

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PORTUGALOV Veniamin Osipovich (1835 — 1896) — the domestic health officer, the participant of revolutionary movement.

PORTUGALOV Veniamin Osipovich

Studied as a medical f-takh of the Kharkiv and Kiev high fur boots, it was excluded for participation in student's disorders. In 1860 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that. Worked as the doctor in the Poltava province; in 1862 it is arrested for revolutionary activity, put into the Peter and Paul Fortress and then sent to the Perm province where worked city, gornoz and in about d with Kym a dignity. the doctor, at the same time was engaged in revolutionary promotion. In 1871 got permission to moving to Samara where worked until the end of the life.

V. O. Portuga-lov played a noticeable role in development of territorial medicine and a dignity. affairs in Russia. It developed the program of activity a dignity. doctors the idea of need of their special preparation is also introduced.

V. O. Portugalov published St. 200 articles and a number of the monographs devoted generally a dignity. - a gigabyte. to questions and having a pronounced social focus. He specified that the main reason of high incidence and mortality of the population — severe conditions of work and life, poverty and insanitary conditions; was one of pioneers of fight against alcoholism in Russia, in the works opened social roots of alcoholism. Its articles of accusatory character with the requirement to give to women access to higher education had great public outcry. And in practical activities of V. O. Portugalov found broad reflection of the idea of revolutionary populism in works.

Works: Reasons of diseases, SPb., 1869; Work in mines or hygiene of miners of miners, Arkh. court. medical and societies, gigabyte., book 4, page 43, 1870; Questions of public hygiene, SPb., 1873; Medical assistance to the peasantry, SPb., 1883.

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