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PORTER Rodney (Porter Robert Rodney, sort. in 1917) — the English immunologist, the biochemist, professor (1949), the Nobel Prize laureate (1972).


In 1939 R. Porter ended biol, f-t un-that in Liverpool. In 1940 — 1946 was in ranks of actions at yushchy and rm and and. In 1948 it ended philosophical f-t un-that in Cambridge. Since 1949 the head of department of biochemistry in National in-those medical researches, in 1960 — 1967 the director of medical school at Saint Maria's hospital in London and at the same time professor of immunology London un-that; since 1967 professor of biochemistry un-that in Oxford. Since 1970 the member of council of medical researches.

R. Porter published the St. 90 scientific works devoted preferential to studying of chemical structure of antibodies. Together with Martin (A. J. P. Martin) he developed a technique of a hromatografichesky fractional research of proteins; together with J. Edelman theoretically proved and proved a peptide structure of antibodies (1962). At a research of structure of antibodies in an experiment for the first time applied a technique of genetic marking of the studied immunoglobulins.

R. Porter — the honorary member Korolevskogo scientific about-va England (1964), National academy of Sciences of the USA (1972), Ob-va of biochemists (1967) and Association of immunologists of the USA (1973), Council Edinburgh royal about-va (1976), the honourable doctor of high fur boots of London (1975), Liverpool (1973), Brussels (1974), etc.; Ob-va of biochemists of the USA (1967) is awarded by the Gold medal of Korolevsky scientific about-va England (1973), the Honourable medal; to it the award of fund of Evard and Me-rit (1966) and an award of K. Landshteyner are awarded (1968). It is conferred the Nobel Prize on medicine and physiology (together with J. Edelman) for basic researches of chemical structure of antibodies.

Works: The structure of gamma-globulin and antibodies, in book: Basic problems in neoplastic disease, ed. by A. Gellhorn, p. 177, N. Y. — L., 1962; Structure of antibodies, in book: Molecules and cells, the lane with English, under the editorship of G. M. Frank, century 4, page 41, M., 1969.

Bibliography: Rodney Robert Porter, in book: Les prix Nobel en 1972, p. 173, Stockholm, 1973.

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