PORCHINSKY Iosif Aloiziyevich

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PORCHINSKY Iosif Aloiziyevich (1848 — 1916) — the domestic entomologist.

PORCHINSKY Iosif Aloiziyevich

In 1871 it graduated from natural department physical and mathematical f-that St. Petersburg un-that. Since 1875 worked in department of agriculture of Min-va of the state imushchestvo as the harmful insects specialist, then the official of special instructions at the minister. Since 1894 the member of Scientific committee and the manager. the bureau on entomology organized on its initiative at department of agriculture.

I. A. Porchinsky published the St. 130 scientific works devoted generally to studying of biology of wreckers of page - x. cultures and development of measures of fight against them. I. A. Porchinsky's works about Volfart's fly, manure and meat flies, gadflies were of great importance for development of ideas of a role of insects in pathology of the person. It specified systematic position of a fly of Volfart (see. Volfartova fly ), the description of all phases of its development is given, data on an etiology of the obligate mioses caused by its larvae are expanded; it possesses also the works devoted to the description of the mioses of the person caused by larvae of gadflies and features of development of padalny and manure flies — carriers of activators inf. diseases. Its monograph «Malarial Mosquito (Anopheles Claviger F) in connection with Marsh Fever, His Life, Properties and Ways of Fight» (1911) ran into several editions and long time served as the management for domestic malariologists. I. A. Porchinsky's works on a mimicry and a systematics of insects, preferential dipterous are known. It described 130 new species and 10 genus of insects.

I. A. Porchinsky's researches were of great importance for development in Russia of agricultural and medical entomology. From 1874 to 1895 I. A. Porchinsky was the scientific secretary of Russian entomological about-va.

Works: Larvae of flies as the reason of diseases (Myiasis) at the person and animals, Saturday. soch. court. medical, t. 1, page 316, 1874; Materials for natural history of the flies and their larvae causing diseases at the person and animals, SPb., 1875; About the fly Wolfarta living in a condition of larvae on a body of the person and animals, SPb., 1884; About various forms of reproduction and of the reduced way of development in some most ordinary species of flies, SPb., 1885; Gadflies and the simplest ways of their destruction, SPb., 1899, 1915; The Malarial mosquito in connection with marsh fever, SPb., 1904; 1911; The Russian gadfly, a parasite of a horse, vypryskivayushchy larvae in eyes of people, SPb., 1906, 1915; Big gastric gadfly of a horse, SPb., 1907; Autumn stable-fly, SPb., 1910; House fly, SPb., 1913; Sheep gadfly, SPb., 1913; Mucha Wolfarta and her Russian relatives, Pg., 1916.

Bibliography: Bogdanov A. P. Materials for history of scientific and applied activity in Russia on zoology and adjoining to it to the industries of knowledge, t. 1 — 4, M., 1888 — 1892; The P e with N the island of a JI. B. Problems of the general entomology, page 34, etc., M., 1974.

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