POPOV Leon Hristoforovich

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POPOV Leon Hristoforovich (1881 — 1919) — the domestic doctor, the participant of revolutionary movement, one of organizers of the Soviet health care. The member of the CPSU since 1904.

POPOV Leon Hristoforovich

Being a grammar-school boy, participated in distribution of Marxist literature and the Iskra newspaper, organized a circle on studying of «the Communistic Manifesto».

In 1901 arrived in Novorossiysk un-t in Odessa, but it was soon excluded for revolutionary promotion; in 1903 it was recovered on medical f-those which ended in 1910; from 1906 to 1909 the secretary of a Bolshevist cell un-that. In 1910 — 1914, working as the doctor, headed underground revolutionary activity in Tatarbunarakh (Bessarabia) and in the Ananyevsky County of the Kherson province. Since 1914 served старших^ as the doctor in infirmaries and groups of the Red Cross on the Western front. At the same time conducted propaganda and organizing revolutionary activities among soldiers and medical staff; in 1915 — 1917 the head of the Bolshevist organization of the Red Cross of the Western front.

L. X. Popov took active part in preparation of Great October socialist revolution, participated in formation of groups of Red Guard, was a member of the Minsk committee of RSDRP(b), the Minsk Council of working and soldier's deputies, was elected the member of executive committee of the Odessa Council of soldier's deputies. In May, 1917 at a congress of workers of the Red Cross of the Western front L. X. Popov was elected the first chairman of front committee, and in November the first chairman of Revolutionary-military committee of the Red Cross of the Western front and at the same time the member of Revolutionary-military committee of the Western area and front.

In 1918. L. X. Popov was appointed the member of the committee on reorganization of the Red Cross, and then the chairman of this committee and the chairman of the Central board of ROKK (June — November, 1918), and also the member of the All-Russian epidemiological commission and the head of institutions of the Red Cross in Moscow and the Moscow district (June, 1918 — July, 1919). He was one of organizers of the Izvestiya TSK ROKK newspaper and its first editor-in-chief. L. X. Popov was elected the delegate I, II and V All-Russian congresses of Councils and the deputy of the Moscow Council, took active part in the organization and holding the I All-Russian congress the Soviet journalists (November, 1918).

In June, 1919 came out to East front on fight against a sapropyra as the head and the commissioner epid, group of the Red Cross; died in December, 1919 of a sapropyra.

Name L. X. Popova it is appropriated to the sea motor ship of a long voyage, streets in the cities of Belgorod-Dnest-rovsky and Tatarbunara of Odessa region, to six pioneer groups and crew of communistic work of the Chisinau garment factory of the award «Sign of Honour»; at buildings where he lived and worked, memorial boards are established; in Ishim and Odessa monuments are erected; to Belgorod-Dniester the memorial museum of his name functions.

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B. D. Petrov.