POPOV Evgeny Alekseevich

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POPOV Evgeny Alekseevich (1899 — 1961) — the Soviet psychiatrist, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1957).

POPOV Evgeny Alekseevich

In 1924 E. A. Popov ended Kharkiv medical in-t. In 1940 protected dokt, the thesis on the subject «Materials to Clinic and a Pathogeny of Hallucinations». In 1932 — 1941 the manager. clinic and at the same time (1938 — 1941) department chairs of psychiatry Kharkiv in-that improvements of doctors; in 1941 — 1951 the deputy director by a scientific part of Ukrainian psychoneurological in-that in Kharkiv; at the same time in 1934 — 1938 and in 1943 — 1951 the department chair of psychiatry Kharkiv medical in-that. From 1951 to 1960 the department chair of psychiatry of the 1st MMI. Since 1960 the deputy director by a scientific part Ying-that psychiatry of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (Moscow).

E. A. Popov published the St. 130 scientific works (including 1 monograph and certain heads in 2 managements) devoted to hl. obr. to studying biol, bases of mental diseases. For an explanation of mechanisms psikhopatol, the phenomena (hallucinations, persuasive conditions, disturbances of thinking at schizophrenia and a number of neurotic frustration) actively applied fiziol, I. P. Pavlov's doctrine about higher nervous activity. For the first time (1934) the role of sleeplessness in emergence of a delirium is shown them and the way of its stopping which was widely adopted in medical practice is developed (1935). On the basis of pilot study of hallucinations using pharmakol, means and studying of electroexcitability of analyzers E. A. Popov developed the concept of phasic development of hallucinatory images (see. Hallucinations ). The phase and brake theory of hallucinations offered them connected developing of hallucinations with development of phases of active braking in a cerebral cortex (1940). Many researches E. A. Popova concern problems of psychopathology, therapy and biol, bases of schizophrenia. A number of works is devoted to studying of features of the neurosises and psychopathies observed in the period of the Great Patriotic War (a psychogenia of wartime, «fixating neurosis»), to treatment of hysterical frustration.

E. A. Popov was chairman Vserossiyskogo and the deputy chairman Vsesoyuzny and Moscow about-in neuropathologists and psychiatrists; consisted the member of editorial boards of the Soviet Psychoneurology magazine, «Magazine of neuropathology and psychiatry of S. S. Korsakov», the deputy editor-in-chief was redotdet by «Psychiatry» of the 2nd prod. BME. It was elected the honorary member Czechoslovak medical about-va of Purkinye (1959).

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Delirium and sleeplessness, Doctor, business, No. 2, page 143, 1934; Materials to clinic and a pathogeny of hallucinations, Kharkiv, 1941; Persuasive states and a psychasthenia, in book: Experience of owls. medical 1941 — 1945 in the Great Patriotic War, t. 26, page 50, M., 1949; Neurasthenia, Asthenic conditions and neurosises of exhaustion, there those, page 43; The Main problems in the modern doctrine about schizophrenia, in book: Sovr, probl. psikhonevrol., under the editorship of V. M. Banshchikov, etc., page 203, M., 1960.

Bibliography: Medical and scientific activity of Evgeny Alekseevich Popov, in book: Aktualn, vopr, psikhiat, and nevro-patol., under the editorship of G. V. Morozov, page 5, M., 1963.

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