PONCE Antonen

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PONCE Antonen (Poncet Antonin, 1849 — 1913) — the French surgeon.

PONCE Antonen

Ended medical f-t in Lyon, in 1874 protected dokt, the thesis. At J. Lister in London studied fundamentals of antiseptics. Since 1881 — professor of operational surgery, and since 1892 — the department chair of surgical clinic in Lyon.

Development of various questions of the general surgical pathology, normal and pathological histology, etc. were the main directions of scientific and practical activities of A. Ponce. He offered a method of broad operational disclosure of the pathological center; entered a technique of imposing of a vesical fistula at a prostatauxe; the method of skin transplantation developed (1871) dermo-Epi-dermalny; entered heliation into practice of treatment of so-called surgical tuberculosis. Together with the teacher L. X. E. Olleier founded the Lyons school of surgeons, from a cut there was a number of outstanding scientists, including R. Lerish.

Works: Traite clinique de l’actinomycose humaine, pseudo-actinomycoses et botryo-mycoses, P., 1898 (sovm, with Berard L.); Trait£ de la cystostomie sus-pubienne chez les pros-tatiques, P., 1899 (sovm, with Delore X.); Le rhumatisme tuberculeux, P., 1909 (sovm. with Leriche R.).

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 2, S. 1233, B. — Wien, 1933.