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POMORIYE — klimatogryazevy the resort in the People's Republic of Bulgaria. It is located on the peninsula Pomoriye acting to the Black Sea at sowing. an entrance to the Gulf of Burgas, to 19 km from Burgas.

Climate typically sea. Summer warm; average temperature of July 23,6 °. Winter soft; average temperature of January — 2,6 °. Annual average number of hours of sunshine — 2237. An amount of precipitation in a year apprx. 469 mm.

The main to lay down. factors — climate, the lemon silt mud extracted from the mud lakes located near the resort, sea water. In the resort there is a beach 5 km long, mud baths, boarding house, rest houses, dietetic dining hall, policlinic, city-tsa.

Indications: diseases of the musculoskeletal device of not tubercular origin, peripheral nervous and vascular systems, ginekol, diseases.

V. G. Yasnogorodsky.