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POLYGRAPH — the multichannel device for simultaneous record of various physiological processes at a complex research of all organism or its separate systems (breath, blood circulation and other systems).

Polygraph eight-channel (standard row P8Ch-01): 1 — an oscilloscope; 2 — the mainframe with eight diagnostic modules (blocks) included in the program of a research; 3 — the diagnostic blocks which are not included in the program of a research; 4 — the registrar nominated for work; 5 — laying for cables and electrodes; 6 — the electrical power unit.

The item consists of the oscilloscope allowing to observe and to estimate visually investigated biol, signals, the mainframe counted on simultaneous use 3 — 16 (depending on type of the device) diagnostic blocks (modules), a set of these blocks (their number and set depend on type P.), the multichannel registrar, the electrical power unit, a set of cables of assignment, sensors, electrodes and laying for their storage (fig).

The item can replace multichannel electrocardiographs (see. Elektrokardiografiya ), phonocardiographs (see. Fonokardiografiya ) and other multichannel devices used for registration of physiological processes. It is applied at polycardiography (see), at the same time carried out a phonocardiography and an electrocardiography, during the definition of rate of propagation of the pulse wave registered on two sphygmograms (see. Sfigmografiya ) or reogramma (see. Reografiya ) etc., at a torakospirografiya and a hronokardiografiya for studying of dependence of length R — R intervals of an ECG from breath, carrying out differentiation nek-ry biol, signals for determination of speed of their change.

The program of a research forms by means of the built-in programming system or installation of necessary diagnostic blocks (modules) in the mainframe.

In the USSR P. of a standard row providing a possibility of simultaneous carrying out an electrocardiography (are most widespread on four or six channels), a phonocardiography, a direct and volume sfigmografiya, a reografiya (on 2 channels at the same time), hronokardiografiya, torakospirografiya, an electromyography and an electroencephalography, and also registration of a skin and galvanic reflex, etc. Blocks of roughing-out of information make calculation and digital indication of pulse rate or cordial reductions and a respiration rate.

Domestic P. of a standard row are divided by number of at the same time conducted researches and on number of channels of registration on 4-, 6-and 8-channel.

See also Printing method .

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