polychromatophilia of erythrocytes

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POLYCHROMATOPHILIA of erythrocytes (grech, poly is a lot of + chroma coloring, color; synonym: Polychromatophilia, anizokhromiya) — ability of nek-ry erythrocytes during the coloring by Romanovsky's method — Gimza to be painted by at the same time acid and main dyes in smoky serofioletovy color. At the same time the ground mass of erythrocytes is painted by one acid dyes in pink color. For the first time such erythrocytes (polychromatophilous erythrocytes, or polychromophils) were found by P. Ehrlich.

The item is a sign of an incomplete maturity erythrocytes (see) also depends on availability in them of alkalescent (acidophilic) hemoglobin and the remains of basphilic substance (apparently, ribonucleic to - you), characteristic of cytoplasm of yadrosoderzhashchy erythrocytes. The basphilic substance which diffuzno is painted the main dyes in the fixed drug at vital or supravital coloring coagulates in the form of a reticulum, and such erythrocyte is designated as a reticulocyte. Thus, P. of erythrocytes and reticulocytes can have identical diagnostic value, however reticulocytes usually happens more, than polychromophils since their granular and mesh substance better is perceived by an eye, than slight P. of erythrocytes.

The amount of polychromophils in marrow is considerable; normal in blood single copies meet. The item is an indicator of regenerative ability of marrow. Increase in amount of polychromophils indicates the accelerated receipt in blood of young erythrocytes, napr, at bleeding, an increased hemolysis; reduction or absence them — on hypo - or an aplastic condition of marrow, i.e. P. allows to judge about hemopoiesis (see). The expressed P. of erythrocytes is observed at newborns, it quickly decreases and by second week disappears. Some researchers consider that P. of erythrocytes can arise at their disintegration, napr, in hematomas.

V. Shilling offered a method of determination of amount of polychromophils in to a thick drop (see) where they after hemolysis of erythrocytes come to light in the form of blue reticulums, i.e. in the form of reticulocytes. Since in such drug it is impossible to count erythrocytes, the method of Shilling is suitable for bystry orientation, conceding in accuracy to percentage calculation of reticulocytes (see. Gemogramma ).

See also Romanovsky — Gimza method .

N. D. Mikhaylova.