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POLYANITSA-ZDRUY (Polanica-Zdroj) — the klimatobalneologichesky resort in the Polish People's Republic. It is located on Yu.-Z. the countries in the picturesque valley of river of Byst-shitsa at the height of 400 m above sea-level.

Polyanitsa-Zdruy. Corner of the resort park.

Climate foothill. Summer not hot; average monthly temperature of June 15,1 °. The winter is warm, windless; average monthly temperature of January — 2,3 °. Number of hours of sunshine — 1457 in a year. There are 4 sources of the low-mineralized cold carbonic hydrocarbonate calcic waters used for bathtubs, drinking treatment, irrigations. Also the torfolecheniye, physical therapy, physiotherapy exercises, etc. is applied.

In the resort sanatoria for adults and children, rest houses, boarding houses, tourist bases, hotels function.

Indications: diseases of cardiovascular system, functional diseases of a nervous system, disease of digestive organs and breath (not tubercular etiology), disbolism.

V. G. Yasnogorodsky.