POLUNIN Alexey Ivanovich

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POLUNIN Alexey Ivanovich (1820 — 1888) — the domestic pathologist, the founder of the Moscow school of pathologists, professor (1849), honorary professor Moscow un-that (1879).

POLUNIN Alexey Ivanovich

Ended in 1842 medical f-t Moscow un-that. In 1848 protected dokt. the thesis devoted patol, anatomy, patol, physiology and clinic of cholera.

Since 1849 the manager. the Russia's first independent department of pathological anatomy and pathological physiology, from a cut in 1869 allocated department of the general pathology, and at the same time (1863 — 1878) dean medical f-that Moscow un-that.

A. I. Polunin for the first time described processes of healing at pulmonary tuberculosis, stated a hypothesis of a role of a stomach as the body emitting the substances promoting a hemopoiesis. The adherent of materialistic outlook, he urged to study a healthy and sick organism in unity with the environment. A. I. Polunin steadily emphasized importance for clinic patol, anatomy as a basis of understanding of origins of diseases, their current, outcomes; propagandized the klinikoanatomichesky direction patol, anatomy. For the first time in Russia (1858) translated and published twenty lectures P. Virkhova on cellular pathology.

A. I. Polunin was elected the secretary, and then the president (1867 — 1870) Moscow fiziko-medical about-va at Moscow un-those; edited and published the «Moscow medical magazine» (1851 — 1859) which played a big role in distribution of medical knowledge in Russia.

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A. I. Strukov.