POLOTEBNOV Alexey Gerasimovich

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POLOTEBNOV Alexey Gerasimovich (1838 — 1907) — the domestic dermatologist, professor (1876), the founder of dermatological school in Russia.

POLOTEBNOV Alexey Gerasimovich

After the termination in 1864. St. Petersburg copper-to-hirurgichesk oh academy A. G. Polotebnov underwent improvement on therapy in S. P. Botkin's clinic, under the direction of to-rogo performed a number of scientific works and protected dokt, the thesis about a sclerosis of arterial system as to the reason of damage of heart (1867). In 1867 — 1870 he studied dermatology in Vienna at F. Gebra and in Paris at A. Bazen. Since 1871 the privatdozent, and from 1876 to 1894 professor and the department chair of dermatology of VMA.

A. G. Polotebnov showed limitation of the lokalistichesky direction German Dermatolum, schools and the humoral direction of the French dermatologists considering skin diseases from positions of diathesis and dyscrasias. He created the original direction in studying of skin diseases, the nervosism inherent in S. P. Botkin's school was the basis to-rogo. According to A. G. Polotebnov's concept, a disease of skin (psoriasis, eczema, a pemphigus, etc.), it is necessary to consider as defeats of a complete organism, considering that the leading role in their pathogeny is played by a nervous system;

pathology of skin should be studied not only in respect of morphological, but also functional changes. He developed the principles of pathogenetic therapy of a number of a dermatosis. Studying a question of medical value of a green mold, And. G. Polotebnov showed its medical action on purulent wounds and ulcers and by that anticipated the idea of an antibioticotherapia. The considerable number of works of A. G. Polotebnov is devoted to studying of a leprosy. He recognized social character of the reasons of spread of venereal diseases; propagandized obligatory teaching dermatology and venereology on a medical f-takh of high fur boots.

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