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POLLAKIURIA (pollakiuria; grech, pollakis is frequent + uron wetting; synonym: pollakizuriya, thamuria) — the speeded-up urination. The item (increase of St. 6 times a day) is a symptom of diseases most often of urinogenital system, is more rare than cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous systems. The item happens more expressed only in the afternoon or only at night (see. Nocturia ) or equally intensive during the entire period of days.

The item arises hl. obr. in connection with inflammatory processes in a cervical segment of a bladder at cystitis, prostatitis, a back urethritis is also followed leukocyturia (see). Intensive P. develops at tuberculosis of kidneys and a bladder. The item is observed also at an inflammation of kuperovy glands (bulbous uretraleshykh glands, T.) and seed bubbles. At men of advanced age of P. is one of precursory symptoms of adenoma of a prostate at night and it is caused by a venous hyperemia of a cervical segment of a bladder. The item can be observed at the diseases proceeding with polyuria (see); at sugar and not diabetes mellitus, a hyperparathyreosis, heart diseases (with hypostases), a nephrosclerosis, etc. P.'s emergence is connected with reduction of capacity of a bladder because of a new growth, its wrinkling at hron, cystitis, prelums of a bubble a uterus, and also with a frank prolapse. At the women addressing concerning P., it is quite often observed cystalgia (see).

In identification of the reasons of P. the anamnesis and a wedge, a picture of a basic disease, especially changes of urine, a strangury, the complicated urination, imperative desires on an urination are of great importance, hamaturia (see) and its character (initial, total, terminal). It is considered also in what time of day P. is observed; e.g., so-called nervous P. arises only in the afternoon; The Item at stones of a bladder is shown also preferential in the afternoon.

The patients addressing concerning the speeded-up urination are subject careful the Urals, to inspection. Treatment at P. is defined by a basic disease.

See also Urination .

Bibliography: Pytel A. Ya. and Pogorelko I. P. Fundamentals of practical urology, page 19, Tashkent, 1969.

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