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POLITTSER Adam (Politzer Adam, 1835 — 1920) — the Austrian doctor, one of founders of an otiatria.


In 1859 ended yenskiya of un-t, then studied normal anatomy, histology and physiology at the largest European scientists. In 1861 organized reading a course of an otiatria in Vienna un-those (read it as the associate professor). Since 1870 — first-ever extraordinary, and since 1895 — ordinary professor of an otiatria. In 1873 created special ear clinic in Vienna.

A. Polittser was an outstanding clinical physician, the pathologist and the laboratory assistant. Its works are devoted to various problems of an otiatria. He in details stated the microscopic technique of a histologic research of an ear developed by it in the special monograph which still have practical value. Its works on clinic of diseases of an attic, a cholesteatoma, hron, Qatar of a middle ear, an otosclerosis, otogenic intracranial complications had special value. He developed a number of endaural microoperations on acoustical stones, muscles, sinews of a drum cavity and so forth; offered a method of blowing off of a middle ear (the «politzerization» made by means of the special cylinder and a cannula bearing his name), test for definition of deafness on one ear. Created the atlas and special wall tables on anatomy of an ear are normal also at various patol, states (so-called polittserovsky tables), on the Crimea teaching an otiatria in the different countries of the world, including and in Russia was for many years carried out. The guide to ear diseases (1878) made by it was republished several times and was translated into the Russian, English, French and Spanish languages.

A. Polittser was also the author of the first work on stories of otolaryngology (in 2 volumes, 1907 — 1913). Created large school of otologists (R. Barani, etc.).

Works: Die Beleuchtungsbilder des Trommel-fells im gesunden und kranken Zustande, Wien, 1865; Lehrbuch der Ohrenheilkunde, Bd 1 — 2, Stuttgart, 1878 — 1882; Die ana-tomische und histologische Zergliederung des menschlichen Gehororgans im normalen und kranken Zustande, Stuttgart, 1889; Geschichte der Ohrenheilkunde, Bd 1 — 2, Stuttgart, 1907 — 1913.

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