POLENOV Andrey Lvovich

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POLENOV Andrey Lvovich (1871 — 1947) — the Soviet surgeon, the traumatologist and the neurosurgeon, the academician of AMH (1945), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1936), winner of the State award USSR (1945).

POLENOV Andrey Lvovich

In 1896 ended VMA. Since 1899 worked in surgical department of the Kronstadt sea hospital. In 1901 protected dokt, the thesis on «the Sympathectomy. Its influence on experimental epilepsy of animals». In 1904 it was improved in clinics and hospitals of France and Switzerland. Since 1910 the privatdozent of VMA, then worked in Simbirsk (nowadays Ulyanovsk) with hl. doctor and manager. surgical department provincial territorial-tsy. Since 1914 professional * departments of operational surgery St. Petersburg psychoneurological in-that (nowadays Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical in-t). In 1917 at the initiative of A. L. Polenov it was created Petrograd fiziko-surgical by in-t, intended for treatment of disabled people of World War I. In 1918 A. L. Polenov organized at State in-those medical knowledge department of traumatology and orthopedics. In 1924 with its active participation Narkomzdrava the USSR was organized State traumatologic by in-t.

Early researches of A. L. Polenov are devoted to questions of surgery of abdominal organs, plastic and bone surgery. In 1927 it published the first original guide to fundamentals of practical traumatology and a series of articles which are summing up results of its researches in the field of traumatology and the organization of traumatologic service.

The following stage of scientific activity of A. L. Polenov is connected with neurosurgery — studying of questions of surgery of peripheral nerves, a sympathetic nervous system and problems of a nervous trophicity. In the field of pathology and surgery of pains and dystrophic processes A. L. Polenov generalized results of the researches and practical experience of the neurosurgeon in the monograph «About New Methods of Surgical Therapy of Trophic Frustration at Damages of a Peripheral Nervous System of Extremities». A. L. Polenov developed methods of operational treatment of tumors of a head and spinal cord, epilepsy, hydrocephaly; surgeries on conduction paths of a brain at pains (tractotomy) and at extrapyramidal hyperkinesias (subcrustal feasts Polenov's dotomiya). In 1935 A. L. Polenov headed department of neurosurgery in the Leningrad GIDUV; together with employees published the first domestic guides to surgical neuropathology. In 1938 this department was translated in Leningrad neurosurgical to in-t of M3 of RSFSR, A. L. Polenov became the director to-rogo.

During the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945 A. L. Polenov was in the besieged Leningrad. In the conditions of blockade he published the management of «Fundamentals (1943) of practical neurosurgery» and the «Atlas of operations on a head and spinal cord» conferred the State award USSR (1945). Together with A. V. Bondarchuk prepared and published the monograph «Surgery of the Autonomic Nervous System».

Name A. L. Polenova it is appropriated Leningrad neurosurgical in-that to M3 of RSFSR. In the territory in-that A. L. Polenov's bust is established; in regional-tse Ulyanovsk and in surgical department of the Kronstadt naval hospital — memorial boards.

A. L. Polenov was elected by the honorary member of a row scientific about - century. It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner and medals.

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I. S. Babchin.