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POKROVSK MICROMETHODS ( A. A. Pokrovsky , the Soviet biochemist, 1916 — 1976) — the methods of determination of sizes of nek-ry biochemical indicators (e.g., concentration of the general nitrogen, creatinine, cholesterol, activity aspartate - and alaninaminotranspherases, etc.) modified by A. A. Pokrovsky with employees in the direction of reduction of volume of the studied biological liquids (generally blood and urine) and quantities of the reactants used during the definition of these biochemical indicators.

Development of micromodifications of a row biochemical, methods, use to-rykh in a wedge, biochemistry was almost impossible because of large volumes biol, the liquids demanded for definition carried out the group of biochemists directed by A. A. Pokrovsky. Micromodifications apprx. 20 methods were created, and also methods of their implementation are developed and the special equipment is created (the corresponding prefixes to photoelectrocolorimeters and spectrophotometers, devices for microdiffusion, horizontal microburettes, the calibrated glass capillaries etc.).

P.'s feature of m is simplicity of equipment, universality, speed of carrying out serial definitions, a possibility of carrying out definition in microvolumes biol, liquids, a malogabaritnost of devices, profitability.

See also Biochemical methods of a research .

V. K. Gorodetsky.