POKROVSKY Valentin Ivanovich

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POKROVSKY Valentin Ivanovich (sort. in 1929) — the Soviet infectiologist and the epidemiologist, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1982). Member of the CPSU.

POKROVSKY Valentin Ivanovich

In 1952 ended the 1st MMI; from 1955 to 1964 worked at department of infectious diseases of the same in-that. Since 1965 the department chair of infectious diseases in Moscow medical dental in-those; at the same time (since 1968) the deputy director, and since 1971 the director Central research in-that epidemiology of M3 of the USSR. In 1966 protected dokt, the thesis. Professor (1967).

B. I. Pokrovsky published St. 250 scientific works, including 7 monographs devoted to questions inf. pathologies. It developed the principles etiotropic and patogenetiche-sko of therapy of purulent meningitis, in particular massive doses of penicillin (without use of endo-lumbar administration of drug), various forms of a meningococcal infection are in detail described and it is given its wedge, classification, the role of L-forms of the activator in development of long forms of meningitis is proved. Under the leadership of V. I. Pokrovsky diagnostic methods and treatments of acute intestinal infections are developed and implemented in practice (cholera, dysentery, a salmonellosis, a rotavi-rusny gastroenteritis); methods of water-salt therapy are improved; the pharmacokinetics of antibiotics and an interference of medicinal substances at various inf is studied. diseases; for the first time in the USSR a mycoplasma of pneumonia the infection, generalized forms of helminthoses, some other diseases are described.

V. I. Pokrovsky is a board member of the International federation of infectiologists, the WHO expert, the member of presidium of board All-Union about-va epidemiologists and All-Union about-va infectiologists, the chairman of the problem commission «Epidemiology, clinic, diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases» of M3 of the USSR, the chief infectiologist of M3 of the USSR, the deputy chairman of advisory council of VAK USSR on therapeutic sciences, the deputy editor-in-chief of a redotdel «Epidemiology, parasitic and infectious diseases» of the BME editions, the deputy editor-in-chief of the Medical abstract magazine. In 1979 together with S. V. Prozorovsky and V. I. By Vasilyeva for the monograph «Mycoplasma of Pneumonia Infection» it is conferred an award of V. D. Timakov of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Purulent meningitis (clinic, diagnosis, treatment), yew., M., 1965; The Meningococcal infection, M., 1976 (sovm, with other); The Guide to infectious diseases, M., 1977 (a bus of a number of the Art. and an edition sovm, with K. M. Mullet); Cholera, L., 1978 (sovm, with Maleevy V. V.); The Mycoplasma of pneumonia an infection, M., 1978 (sovm, with other); Dysentery (shigelloses), Riga, 1979 (sovm, with other); Artificial immunity and infectious process, M., 1979 (sovm, with other).

Bibliography: Valentin Ivanovich Pokrovsky (To the 50 anniversary since birth), Owls. medical, No. 5, page 119, 1979; To the 50 anniversary since the birth of V. I. Pokrovsky, Zhurn, mikr., epid, and immun., No. 4, page 118, 1979.

I. V. Rubtsov.