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POINT of WATER SUPPLY — the place of production, processing, storage and delivery of water for troops equipped according to technical and sanitary and hygienic requirements, protected by troops and which is under observation of health service.

Items of century are subdivided on battalion, regimental, divisional, army and front. Will be organized by forces and means of parts and divisions of engineering troops and the back.

The place of expansion of P. of century is established as a result of investigation of water sources, to-ruyu will organize the headquarters of a part (connection) and carry out engineering divisions with participation of representatives of chemical and medical services. Assessment a dignity enters a task of the representative of medical service included in structure of an engineering prospecting patrol. conditions of the district of expansion of P. of century, definition of quality of water and establishment of a zone dignity. protection.

the Scheme of point of water supply on an open water source: 1 — a water intake; 2 — a motor-pump; 3 — the working platform; 4 — tanks with the untreated water; 5 — autofiltration plant; 6 — field laboratory; 7 — the pure platform; 8 — tanks with pure water; 9 — water folding cranes; 10 — the taromoyechny platform; 11 — a distribution post with direction signs to pure and taromoyechny platforms.

At the choice of water sources preference is given to the boreholes which are well protected from pollution, kaptirovanny springs and correctly equipped mine and melkotrubchaty wells. On open flowing reservoirs of P. of century are located above the places allocated for bathing of people, a watering place of animals, washing of linen, a wash of machines and other economic and technical points of water use. Large P. century shall have the working platform divided into dirty and pure half, the platform for washing and disinfection of a container, the shelter for laboratory, the shelter for staff, the adjusting post (AP); P.'s territory of century is subdivided into a zone of a high security (the working platform) and a zone of restriction with a radius of 50 — 100 m (fig).

At small P.' expansion century with use mine, small - tubular wells and small springs only zones of restriction and the working platform where take place a water source, means of rising of water and tanks for its storage and distribution are limited to the device. The territory of the working platform is fenced, and the entrance on it is forbidden to strangers.

On P. century if necessary subject water to clarification, decolouration, disinfecting, neutralization, desalting and other types of processing by means of organic and not organic engineering means (see. Neutralization of water , Disinfecting of water , Water treatment ), however in all cases aim to choose such water source, water in Krom does not demand processing.

Dignity. supervision of P.'s work is exercised century by medical service of a part, connection, army and the front depending on P.'s accessory of century. Supervision consists in periodic control of quality of the released water, correctness of its production and processing, a dignity. a condition of the territory and observance of the mode in a zone a dignity. protection, behind health of service personnel and safety of works during the disinfecting and neutralization of the water contaminated by toxic agents, products of nuclear explosion and bacterial means. Monitoring behind efficiency of cleaning and processing of water and its quality at delivery to consumers on P. the century developed by engineering parts and divisions is carried out by forces and means of their divisions of field water supply; at P.'s expansion century the parts and divisions of other types of military forces and the back which are not incorporating such divisions — medical service of these parts. However in all cases responsibility for uninterrupted delivery of high-quality water is born by the chief P. of century. He will organize P.'s expansion century, its protection and defense, provides reserves of reagents and solutions for disinfecting of water and watches that the water which is stored and given to consumers contained 0,8 — 1,2 mg/l of the connected residual chlorine. At smaller indicators water is chlorinated solution of lime chloride or dvutreteosnovny salt of calcium hypochlorite.

For storage of water on P. century use both an organic, and not organic container (tanks). Water of different function is stored in separate tanks and designated texts on plates: «The drinking water disinfected», «Water for the economic and household purposes», «Water for technical needs» etc. Water from tanks it has to be taken by pumps which water carrying out parts (which are soaking up and overflow hoses, water intakes, etc.) before immersion in pure water are disinfected in 3% solution of lime chloride or 1,5% solution of dvutreteosnovny salt of calcium hypochlorite.

See also Water supply of troops .

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N. F. Koshelev.