POGOZHEV Alexander Vasilyevich

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POGOZHEV Alexander Vasilyevich (1853 — 1913) — the health officer, one of founders of occupational health in Russia.

POGOZHEV Alexander Vasilyevich

In 1879 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, worked in the Moscow zemstvo as the district police officer, and from 1886 to 1901 — a dignity. doctor. For the first time in Russia (1901) organized in St. Petersburg and headed the exhibitions of «Social economy» (afterwards — the Social museum) which played a big role in promotion of protection and occupational health. A. V. Pogozhev it is long cooperated in the Medical Review magazine; began to issue (1902 — 1903) on the means the «Industry and Health (Messenger of Professional Hygiene, Factory and Sanitary Legislation)» magazine, however in connection with financial difficulties the edition of the magazine stopped after a release of 9 numbers. He was the chairman of sanitary group of the Moscow department of Russian technical about-va; prepared exposure but to questions of factory sanitation in the Russian pavilion at the World Fair in Paris in 1900. In 1911. And. V. Pogozhev as the member of the Russian exhibition committee of the International hygienic exhibition in Dresden was responsible (together with D. P. Nikolsky) for the section «Factory Medicine and Professional Hygiene»; a part of exhibits of this exhibition was shown at the All-Russian hygienic exhibition (1913).

A. V. Pogozhev published apprx. 100 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. dignity. - a gigabyte. to the description of working conditions in various productions, to rationing of profvrednost, questions of the factory legislation, promotion of the ideas of industrial hygiene. In one of the first works («Brick and potter's production») A. V. Pogozhev stated the materials about severe conditions of work and the state of health of workers collected and generalized by it at several tens plants of the Moscow province. Big fame was gained by results its dignity. inspections of factory institutions of Vereysky and Ruza Counties. In 1879 — 1893 19 volumes of «The collection of statistical materials on the Moscow province» were published, in to-rykh the materials of the first complex studying of social and hygienic working conditions and life of working factories and plants of the Moscow province collected and processed by A. V. Pogozhev together with F. F. Erismap and E were placed. M. Dementiev. These researches were highly appreciated by V. I. Lenin, and their results were used by it in work «Development of capitalism in Russia». In 1906. The St. Petersburg academy of Sciences published extensive work of A. V. Pogozhev «The censuring and the list of workers of Russia», long time used as the handbook.

Works: Factory life of Germany and Russia, M., 1882; Sketches from history of the sanitarnofabrichny legislation in Russia. m, 188...; Review of local obligatory resolutions on factory sanitation of Russia, SPb., 1894; Review of activity of professional congresses of Russia, Voronezh, 1896; Interaction of the equipment and medicine on protection of life and health of workers, M., 1901; The Censuring and the list of workers in Russia, SPb., 1906.

Bibliography: Beylikhis G. A. A role of doctors of the Moscow Provincial zemstvo in formation of domestic occupational health and industrial hygiene, the Gigabyte. work and the prof. having got sick., No. 1, page 44, 1963; Klenova E. V., A. V. Pogozhev, Owls. zdravookhr., No. 4, page 53, 1953.

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