PODVYSOTSKY Vladimir Valeryanovich

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PODVYSOTSKY Vladimir Valeryanovich (1857 — 1913) — the domestic pathologist, the endocrinologist, professor (1887).

PODVYSOTSKY Vladimir Valeryanovich

Ended in 1884 medical f-t Kiev un-that. Being a student, performed the work «New data on the thinnest structure of a pancreas» awarded a gold medal. Since 1887 the head of department of the general pathology Kiev un-that, and in 1900 — 1905 — Novorossiysk un-that (in Odessa), in 1905 — 1913 the director and the manager. department of the general pathology Ying-that experimental medicine in St. Petersburg.

V. V. Podvysotsky published the St. 90 scientific works devoted generally to studying of processes of regeneration of ferruterous fabric (a liver, kidneys, meibomian and sialadens), a problem of emergence and development of tumors (in particular, roles of parasites and mechanical irritation in an origin of tumors), to researches in the field of microbiology, immunity and pathology of infections. In works about mechanisms of development of infectious process, and also in the guide to the general pathology V. V. Podvysotsky attached great value to reactions of a macroorganism to implementation of microbes. In the field of endocrinology researches about a microscopic structure of a pancreas, about anatomic changes in process of embryonic development and about maturing of a graafovy bubble, about adrenal glands, etc. are among its works.

For years of work in Kiev un-those V. V. Podvysotsky created domestic school of the general pathologists and pathophysiologists; A were his pupils. A. Bogomolets, D. K. Zabolotny, I. G. Savchenko, L. A. Tarasevich, etc.

With its active participation it is organized by medical f-t at Novorossiysk un-those (1900), the Russian department of a hygienic exhibition in Dresden (1911), a hygienic exhibition in St. Petersburg (1913). V. V. Podvysotsky was a founder and the editor of the «Russian Archive of Pathology, Clinical Medicine and Bacteriology» (1896 — 1902) magazine, actively participated in work of the Russian Doctor magazine (1902-1913).

Works: Bases of the general and experimental pathology, t. 1 — 2, M., 1891 — 1894, 1905,

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