PODOLINSKY Sergey Andreevich

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PODOLINSKY Sergey Andreevich (1850 — 1891) — the domestic doctor, the propagandist of Marxism in Russia.

PODOLINSKY Sergey Andreevich

Graduated in 1871 from natural department Kiev un-that. Studied medicine in Zurich and Paris. Being abroad, took active part in activity of the advanced otecheetvenny emigration. In 1872 its acquaintance to K. Marx and F. Engels took place. Participated in work of the V Congress of the I International in the Hague (1872). In 1875 organized in Vienna the edition of brochures of the socialist direction in the Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Polish languages. In 1876 protected in B res lavas of l of e dokt, the thesis «About the proteolysis by enzymes of a pancreas».

S. A. Podolinsky published St. 30 scientific works. Actively propagandized original positions of the economic doctrine of K. Marx, in particular the theory of the surplus value in the press; sharply criticized a social order of Russia, wrote about difficult, situation of workers deprived of civil rights and ruthless operation of a people at large in the conditions of autocracy. Published in Forward! (1873 — 1874) magazine «Sketch of development of the international association of workers». Studied the state of health of country people of Russia. Social and hygienic views of S. A. Podolinsky are reflected in books «Life and Human Health in Ukraine» (1879), «Crafts and factories in Ukraine» (1880) (these his compositions and a number of brochures were prohibited in Russia), and also in numerous articles and reports, in to-rykh continuous communication of health of workers of masses with social and economic conditions of their life is shown. A number of its works is devoted to criticism of a maltuzianstvo and social Darwinism.

S. A. Podolinsky's research «Work of the person and his relation to distribution of energy» (1880) published in Russia and some other countries, became widely known and was summarized by K. Marx; appreciation to this work was given by F. Engels. On separate mistakes of S. A. Podolinsky K. Marx and F. Engels specified in the letters.

Works: Beitrage zur Kenntniss des pankrea-tischen Eiweissfermentes Inaug, diss., Breslau, 1876; Shittya i zdorov'ya people on YnpaiHi, Geneva, 1879; L’etat sanitaire des populations du gouvernement de Kiew, Comptes de 1’Association frangaise pour l’avancement des sciences, p. 86.3, P., 1879; On I Will decorate Crafts of i of factory Geneva, 1880; Work of the person and his relation to distribution of energy, Word, April-May, page 135, 1880.

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A. I. Kokhan.