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PODEBRADI (Podebrady) — the balneoklimatichesky resort in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. It is located in the valley of the Laba River among picturesque parks, in 52 km to the East from Prague at the height of 188 m over ur.m.

Podebradi. Sanatorium Libensky.

The summer is warm, rather dry; average temperature of July 18,9 °. The winter is soft, crude, moderately cold; average temperature of January — 10 — 15 °. Annual average temperature 7,2 °. An amount of precipitation in a year apprx. 600 mm. Annual average number of hours of sunshine — 1812. In P. there are 13 artesian sources of hydrocarbonate chloride sodium calcium-magnesium mineral water with the high content of carbonic acid (3,3 g/l) with the general mineralization of 7,0 g/l, with the temperature of 13 °.

Mineral water is used for bathtubs, drinking treatment. The water poured in bottles carries the name «Podebradka».

In the resort apply also electrophototherapy, a paraffin therapy; for a torfolecheniye use local peat.

In P. there are sanatoria for adults and children, resort policlinic, the bathing building, drinking galleries, dietetic dining hall, beaches, the pool, sports constructions.

Indications: diseases of bodies of blood circulation — heart diseases, including inborn, a state after the postponed rheumatic carditis in a phase of remission, after heart operations and vessels, the Myocardial dystrophy, an idiopathic hypertensia of I and II And stages, coronary heart disease with rare not heavy attacks of stenocardia, atherosclerotic occlusion of peripheral vessels of extremities, an endarteritis, a state after thrombosis and an inflammation of peripheral veins.

V. G. Yasnogorodsky.