POBEDINSKY Nikolay Ivanovich

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POBEDINSKY Nikolay Ivanovich (1861 — 1923) — the domestic obstetrician, professor (1908).

POBEDINSKY Nikolay Ivanovich

Ended medical f-t Moscow un-that in 1886, the expert of 1889 — in obstetric clinic Moscow un-that would work in Old and Ekaterina's. In 1894 protected dokt, the thesis on the subject «Materials to the Doctrine about Presentation of an Afterbirth (Placenta Praevia) in the Clinical Relation». Organizer (1909) and first head of department of obstetrics of the 2nd MSU (nowadays 2nd MMI).

N. I. Pobedinsky published apprx. 60 works, including the textbook on obstetrics (1905) which sustained 7 editions. Introduced an obstetric seminar for students for the first time. Its scientific works are devoted to studying of ways of conducting childbirth at a narrow basin, and also to an eclampsia and other toxicoses of pregnant women, surgical treatment of pregnant women with tumors of a uterus, etc. N. I. Pobedinsky promoted implementation in obstetric clinic of methods of an asepsis and antiseptics. He developed indications to operation of Cesarean section and in 1895 in clinic Moscow un-that made Cesarean section with a favorable outcome. In total it executed 45 such operations without uniform case of maternal death. N. I. Pobedinsky was an initiator of creation of chamber for pregnant women with the obstetric pathology which was a prototype of the departments of pathology of pregnancy organized in the subsequent; assigned a big part to an ambulatory care to pregnant women.

N. I. Pobedinsky was a chairman, and the last years of life the Honorary Chairman Moscow obstetric and gynecologic about-va.

Works: Materials to the doctrine about presentation of an afterbirth (placenta praevia) in the kli-nrgchesky relation, a yew., M., 1894; Short textbook of obstetrics, 1st prod., M., 1905, 7 prod., M., 1932; Progress of kesar-sky section in Russia for the last 25 years. M, 1913.

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