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PNEVMOSUBMANDIBULOGRAFIYA (grech, pneuma air + lat. sub under + mandibula a jaw + grech, grapho to write, represent) — a X-ray analysis of a submandibular sialaden after administration of gas in the cellulose surrounding it.

It is offered in 1963 by L. S. Ro-zenshtraukh and L. E. Ponomarev. Apply for establishment of a form, an arrangement and the sizes of a submandibular sialaden and other formations of submandibular area.

Protivopokazannya: acute inflammatory damages of skin, cellulose and limf, nodes in the field of a nodnizhnechelyustny triangle.


Pnevmosubmandibulogramma is normal (a direct projection): shooters specified symmetric oval shadows of submandibular sialadens.

For P.'s carrying out of the patient stack on a back with a little thrown back head. Under local anesthesia pierce with a needle skin on the centerline and bring the end of a needle under a fascia on depth of 1 — 2 cm. Within 4 — 5 min. enter 100 — 150 ml of oxygen or nitrous oxide by means of the device for imposing of pheumothorax. The X-ray analysis is carried out in a straight line, and also in slanting projections under control of roentgenoscopy (to bring the image of submandibular gland out of a shadow of a mandible). It is reasonable to add a X-ray analysis tomography (see) in a straight line and side projections. P.'s combination with sialografiya (see) expands possibilities of a method.

On pnevmosubmandibulogramma normal submandibular gland of an oval form with a little wavy contours (fig.) clearly is visible. At a tumor of a sialaden its shadow is increased, more intensive, outlines hilly. Cysts cause spherical deformation of a shadow of gland with accurate and equal contours. At inflammatory diseases the shadow of gland is increased, contours its often indistinct. Commissural process around gland can interfere with distribution of gas in the cellulose surrounding it. Against the background of gas the nodes increased owing to metastatic or their inflammatory defeat can be defined also limf.

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