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PNEUMOMASSAGE (Greek pneuma air + massage) — the air massage applied in otorhinolaryngology to artificial rocking of a tympanic membrane for the purpose of reduction of its tension at cicatricial changes, stretchings of commissures of a drum cavity and recovery of chain dynamics of acoustical stones.

Items apply at treatment of effects of acute otitis, tubo-otites, hron, adhesive otitises. At commissural process unions between a tympanic membrane and a medial wall of a drum cavity, and also in the field of both windows of a labyrinth are possible. In such cases sound carrying out on average to fish soup becomes complicated. Timely applied P. increases elasticity of hems and commissures in a drum cavity, improves chain dynamics of acoustical stones. At the expressed and long commissural process before P. carry out an electrophoresis of a lidaza (endoauralno), a diathermy and at the same time blowings off eustachian (acoustical, T.) pipes on Polittsera (see. Ear inflation ) or catheterization of an ear. When P. in combination with other methods of conservative treatment is inefficient, assume existence of rough cicatricial changes in area of labyrinth windows or tympanosclerosis (see).

The item is contraindicated at an aggravation of inflammatory process on average to fish soup.

The principle P. consists in creation alternately compression and depression of air in outside acoustical pass causing fluctuations of a tympanic membrane and acoustical stones. For these purposes in practice most often use Zigle's funnel (see. Zigle funnel ), who allows to carry out P. under control of sight to avoid a rupture of a tympanic membrane. For P. the devices for a pneumomassage set in motion by an electric motor can be used. For P. use also Polittser's cylinder.

It is possible to make P. by means of the finger which is densely entered into acoustical pass or pressed to a trestle. The item lasts not less than 1 — 3 min.

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