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PNEUMATURIA (pneumaturia; grech, pneuma, pneumat[os] air + uron wetting) — allocation with urine of gas in uric ways. Gas can be an extracystic and intravesical origin. Most often the PNEUMATURIA is a consequence of education enterovesical fistula (see) at a colon cancer with germination of a bladder, break of an interintestinal abscess at the same time in a gleam of a gut and a bladder, and also at tubercular peritonitis, tuberculosis of female generative organs, abscess of a cavity of a small pelvis, cancer or abscess of a prostate.

Formation of gas in a bladder can be a consequence of fermentation of glucose in urine at patients with a diabetes mellitus, especially at bacterial cystitis. Nek-ry species of bacteria (colibacillus, bacteria of lactic fermentation, etc.) can cause decomposition of urine with formation of gases. More often it is result of a collibacillary infection, especially, if there is a stagnation of urine in a diverticulum of a bladder.

Fuming with urine causes a feeling of tickling and is followed by mostly heard sound.

V. I. Shapoval.