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PLOSKIREVA WEDNESDAY (N. V. Ploskirev, sovr, Soviet microbiologist; synonym dry baktoagar Ploskireva) — elective (selective) and differential and diagnostic environment for allocation of pathogenic enterobakteriya (shigellas and salmonellas).

Structure of the environment: nutrient agar with bilious salts of 53,6%, sodium citrate of 14,4%, sodium hyposulphite of 11%, lactoses of 12%, disubstituted sodium phosphate of 3,7%, sodium chloride of 3,7%, soda ash of 1,148%, neutral red of 0,03 — 0,06%, tetraethyl-diamino-triphenyl-carbohydride sulfate of 0,002% and iodine of 0,04%.

Items of page release in a dry form. For preparation of Wednesday of 6 g of powder dissolve at warming up in 100 ml of a distilled water and spill in Petri dishes. Cups leave open before hardening of the environment. Items of page apply to crops of any material (excrements, urine, bile, cadaveric material), and also to seeding from environments of enrichment at a research on detection of shigellas or salmonellas, to-rye on P. pages grow in a type of colourless round colonies with smooth edges diameter apprx. 1 mm. Zonne's shigellas can form large rather turbid colonies with the cut-up edges (flatness). Grigoriev's shigellas — Shigi of page do not grow by P. Colibacillus unlike shigellas and salmonellas grows in a type of separate colonies of cowberry color (see. Differential and diagnostic environments ).

Bibliography: The guide to microbiological diagnosis of infectious diseases, under the editorship of K. I. Matveev, page 113, M., 1973.

M. O. Birger.