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PLAZMODESMA (plasmodesma; grech, plasma molded, issued + by desmos communication, a sheaf) — the intercellular plasmatic bridges connecting the next plant cells. Items are located in tubules of primary cellular cover; in cells with a secondary cover they are localized only in the closing films of a time of a cell wall. In P. plasma membranes of the next cells pass each other; the tubular structures passing in P. are connected with vacuoles and tanks of a cytoplasmic reticulum.

At mitotic division of plant cells in cellular plates (phragmoplasts), to-rye form right after completion of nuclear fission and differentiate cytoplasm of daughter cells, the microtubules and bubbles of a cytoplasmic reticulum defining future

P. P.' arrangement are localized play an important role in circulation of liquid between plant cells, maintenance of their turgor, transfer of irritations and so forth

See also Cell .

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