PLANELYES Juan Huanovich

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PLANELYES Juan Huanovich (1900 — 1972) — the microbiologist, the pathologist and the pharmacologist, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1969), the member correspondent. Academies of medicine of Spain (1926).

PLANELYES Juan Huanovich

In 1921 ended medical f-t Madrid un-that. In 1923 protected dokt, the thesis.

Since 1926 the research supervisor of one of the medikofarmatsevtichesky enterprises of Spain, since 1930 the director Ying-that a wedge, researches in Madrid. In the years of war against a frankizm (1936 — 1939) the chief a dignity. - medical services of Republican army, then the secretary of state of health care of the Spanish Republic. In 1939 emigrated to the USSR, worked dots. departments of pharmacology Saratov medical in-that. In 1942 — 1945 the manager. The central scientific exploratory laboratory of the 1st MMI, in 1945 — 1971 — the manager. department of physiology of bacteria, then department of infectious pathology and experimental therapy Ying-that epidemiology and microbiology of N. F. Gamalei of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

X. X. Planelyes published St. 200 scientific works, including 6 monographs and 5 heads in the fundamental guides devoted to studying of streptocides, medicinal stability of microorganisms, problems of a pathogeny and therapy of bacterial infections. It developed the direction of researches in the field of infectious pathology based on studying of a role of the nonspecific physiological factors causing emergence, a current and an outcome of an infectious disease, and also the biochemical mechanisms regulating natural resistance of a macroorganism to infections. Studying streptocides and development of resistance to them at microorganisms, X. X. Planelyes received derivatives of these drugs and offered effective methods of their use. Under its management new antibiotics — grizemin, Mycerinum, aurantin and seka-zin, and also drug pyrogenal which is widely applied in a wedge, practice were received.

Monograph X. X. Planelyesa of «A complication at an antibioticotherapia of bacterial infections» was conferred an award of I. I. Mechnikov of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966), and the monograph «V. K. of high-HIV» — awards of N. F. Gamalei of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1955). For the monograph on biological standardization of pharmaceutical and biological drugs it is awarded the Gold medal of Academy of medicine of Spain (1925).

X. X. Planelyes was an eminent person of the communistic movement, was elected the candidate for members of the Central Committee of the Spanish Communist Party.

Works: V. K. of high-HIV, 1854 — 1912, M., 1953; By-effects at an antibioticotherapia of bacterial infections, M., 1960, 1965 (sovm, from Kharitonova A. M.); Serotonin and its value in infectious pathology, M., 1965 (sovm, with Popenenko-voy 3. And.).

Bibliography: To the 80 anniversary since the birth of the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of X. X. Planelyesa, Antibiotics, t. 25, No. 8, page 633, 1980; To the 70 anniversary since birth and to the 52 anniversary of scientific and public work of X. X. Planelyesa, Zhurn, mikr., epid, and immun., No. 5, page 145, 1970.

A. F. Moroz.