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PITUITRINUM — the hormonal drug representing water extract of a back share of a hypophysis of cattle and pigs.

Pituitrinum contains oxytocin (see) and vasopressin (see), to-rye are its active ingredients, providing oxytocic (uterine) action of P. (see. Uterine means ), and also its angiotonic and antidiuretic action. It is widely applied as medicine to excitement and strengthening of sokratitelny activity of muscles of a uterus, at hypotonic bleedings in an early puerperal period, and also to normalization of involution of a uterus in the puerperal and postabortion periods. Items apply also at some surgeries and in the early postoperative period, especially at patients with portal hypertensia. Thanks to antidiuretic action of P. use at treatment of not diabetes mellitus (at impossibility of use of Adiurecrinum) and bed wetting. Sometimes P. use also as cholagogue means.

Biol, P.'s activity determine by extent of the reduction of the isolated horn of a uterus of a Guinea pig caused by it and express in so-called units of action — PIECE.

Pituitrinum (Pituitrinum, Pituitrinum liquidum, Pituitrinum pro injectionibus, SP. B; synonym: Glanduit-rin, Hypophen, Hypophysin, Piton, Pituglandol, Pituigan, etc.) represents a colorless liquid with pH 3,0 — 4,0. Preserve liquid P. addition of 0,3% of solution of phenol.

Items enter subcutaneously or intramusculary, and in some cases (e.g., at prevention and a stop of hypotonic bleedings in an early puerperal period) intravenously kapelno. Duration of action of Item 4 — 5 hours the Highest doses for adults: one-time 10 PIECES, daily 20 PIECES. To children aged till 1 year P. enter on 0,1 — 0,15 ml, 2 — 5 years on 0,2 — 0,4 ml, 6 — 12 years on 0,4 — 0,6 ml of 1 — 2 time a day. At P.'s use, especially in high doses, the headache can result from a vasospasm of a brain, the abdominal pain, a diarrhea, allergic reaction, disturbance of a hemodynamics, hypostasis sometimes appears, in certain cases there comes «pituit-rinovy shock» (a headache, vomiting, feeling of compression in breasts, increase of pulse and breath, falling of the ABP, a collapse).

Item. it is contraindicated at a hypertension, thrombophlebitis, the expressed atherosclerosis, stenocardia, a nephropathy of pregnant women, an eclampsia, sepsis, myocarditis, threat of a hysterorrhesis, existence of hems on a uterus, the wrong provision of a fruit.

Form of release: ampoules on 1 ml, the containing 5 or 10 PIECES of the Item.

Storage: in cool (1.-10 °). the place protected from light.

Hyphotocinum (a synonym Pituitrinum of M) as well as P., is the purified extract of a back share of a hypophysis of cattle and pigs, but the maintenance of m of oxytocin, than vasopressin differs from it in higher extent of cleaning and big. It is applied in obstetric and gynecologic practice at weakness of patrimonial activity. Drug represents colorless transparent liquid with a slight smell of phenol which is used as preservative; pH 3,0 — 4,0. Activity («uterine») is expressed, as well as at P., in terms of action — PIECE: 1 ml of drug contains 5 PIECES. Enter Hyphotocinum on 0,2 — 0,4 ml (1 — 2 PIECE) each 30 min. before emergence of rhythmic reductions of a uterus. In need of artificial calling of childbirth Hyphotocinum is entered in 2 — 4 — 6 hours after opening of a bag of waters (the general dose shall not exceed 5 — 10 PIECES).

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V. V. Potemkin.