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PITSUNDA — the climatic seaside resort in the Georgian SSR. It is located on the cape of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus of the same name, in 18 km to Yu. from Gagra and 90 km to S. from Sukhumi.

The name «Pitsunda» happens from grech, the words «pitius» a pine. In 6 — 5 centuries BC on the cape Pitsunda there was a rich antique trade city founded by Greeks; since the end of 1 century BC — the Roman fortress; since 4 century AD — the Christian temple city, the important religious center in the Caucasus. At excavation in 1950 the remains of temples, serf and inhabited constructions, baths were found.

Resort of Pitsunda. Colchis boarding house.

P.'s climate wet, subtropical; the winter is very soft, snowless (average temperature of January 6 °), summer very warm (average temperature of August 23 °). Annual average relative humidity of 74%; rainfall on average 1410 mm a year; number of hours of sunshine in a year 1800. The driest period — spring, the most rainy — late fall and winter. Strong winds are absent. Temperature of sea water in the summer on average 24 °. The aero heliothalassotherapy can be carried out within 6 months (May — October). For wide (to 60 m) the beach from small pebble located the grove of a relic dlinnokhvoyny pine the area apprx. 350 hectares announced by state reserve.

In the resort boarding houses of rest, the covered swimming pool with the warmed-up sea water, all-resort policlinic and other spa facilities function. There is a sports complex.

Indications: hron, diseases of cardiovascular system with a circulatory unefficiency are not higher than the I stage, a respiratory organs of not tubercular character, funkts, disturbance of a nervous system.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table .

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