PISEMSKY Grigory Fedorovich

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PISEMSKY Grigory Fedorovich (1862 — 1937) — the Soviet obstetrician-gynecologist, professor (1913), zasl. scientist of USSR (1935).

PISEMSKY Grigory Fedorovich

Ended in 1888 medical f-t Kiev un-that. In 1904 protected dokt, the thesis about an innervation of a uterus. Since 1905 the privatdozent of department of obstetrics and gynecology Kiev un-that. In 1913 — 1914 of the department chair of obstetrics and gynecology Moscow un-that.

In 1915 — 1917 — the director of the Nadezh-dinsky obstetrical institution in St. Petersburg. Since 1920 in Kiev — the manager. departments of obstetrics and gynecology medical in-that (for 1930) and at the same time (1920 — 1937) Ying-that improvements of doctors; research supervisor Research in-that protection of motherhood and childhood (1930 — 1934).

G.F. Pisemsky published the St. 70 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of operational gynecology, puerperal complications and their prevention, organization of the obstetric and gynecologic help. Developed a number of new techniques of operation on uterine tubes; its researches on problems of malignant new growths of a uterus, physiology and pathology of a liver at pregnancy are known. G.F. Pisemsky — one of initiators of the organization of collective-farm maternity homes in USSR. In the clinic run by it the Kiev's first consultation was open for pregnant women, the labor pain relief was widely carried out.

G.F. Pisemsky was a chairman Ukrainian and Kiev scientific about-in obstetricians-gynecologists, the organizing committees the I All-Ukrainian (1927) and VIII All-Union (1928) congresses of obstetricians-gynecologists.

Works: To a question of an innervation of a uterus, yew., Kiev, 1904; Sketch of development of surgical gynecology and its major tasks, Kiev, 1908; Diseases of uterine tubes, in book: Krivsky JI. A. The management on wives. Bol., page 821, L., 1927.

Bibliography: Makarenko I. M. the 100 anniversary since the birth of Grigory Fedorovich Pisemsky, Owls. zdravookhr., JsTo 6, page 96, 1963; Pisemsky Grigory Fedorovich, Zhurn. akush. and wives. Bol., t. 31, No. 3-4, page 389, 1916; Yankelevich E. Ya. and Izakson B. O. Grigory Fedorovich Pisemsky, Akush, and ginek., L'» 10, page 3, 1938.

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