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PIROLLIZIDINA — The oncogenous vegetable matters relating to alkaloids.

Items contain in various plants, their greatest concentration is noted in seeds, flowers and roots. It is known apprx. 100 pirollizi-din and their N-oxides.

Oncogenous action of P. is studied in experimental conditions — tumors are induced at rats and chickens. At rats under the influence of P. tumors of hl develop. obr. a liver, is more rare — went. - kish. path, head and spinal cord, pancreas. In P.'s organism are exposed to metabolic transformations under the influence of enzymes of a cytoplasmic reticulum. Except oncogenous action, P. have the expressed toxic influence on many animal species; so, DL 50 the most toxic of P. — the retrorsina — makes 35 mg on 1 kg of the weight (weight) of a body. Under the influence of P. at animals arteritis, hypertensia, necroses of a liver, a fluid lungs develop. Fulvin has embriotoksichesky and teratogenic effect on rats, mutagen action on drosophilas, causes aberation chromosomes.

For P.'s definition use methods chromatography (see).

See also Oncogenous substances .

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V. S. Turusov.