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PIROFOS (Pyrophosum; synonym fosarbin; joint venture. A) — antikholinesterazny substance. Tetraethyl ether monothiopyrophosphoric to - you; With 8 H 20 O 6 P 2 S:

Colourless or yellowish color liquid with a specific smell. Let's easily dissolve in organic solvents and it is almost water-insoluble. Water solutions are quickly hydrolyzed.

It is similar to Arminum (see), to Nibuphinum (see) and to other antikholinesterazny means from the FOS group it is irreversible inhibits cholinesterase. As well as other drugs of this group, P. at instillation in a conjunctival sac causes strong and long miosis (see), not eliminated by atropine, strengthens miotic action of cholinomimetic means and does not interfere with mydriatic effect of adrenaline.

At an instillation resorptive action of P. does not develop in an eye since drug is practically not soaked up in blood at this way of introduction.

Item. apply in Ophthalmolum, practice as a miotoc, especially in cases when the maximum and long-term miotic effect (e.g. is necessary, at treatment of glaucoma), and also as the antagonist of atropine (for elimination of the mydriasis caused by it).

Appoint on 1 — 2 drops of 0,01 — 0,02% of oil solution of 1 — 2 time a day.

Side effect The item is shown by a headache, eye pains. At prolonged use the irritation and puffiness are possible a century.

Form of release: bottles on 10 ml of 0,01% and 0,02% of oil solution. Keep in the dry cool and protected from light place.

See also Antikholinesteraziy means , Miotocs .

Bibliography: S. N. brooms and Rozengart V. I. Cholinesterases and antikholinesterazny substances, D., 1964.

S. N. Golikov.