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PIPERAZIN (Piperazinum) — helminthicide. Diethylene diamine; With 4 H 10 N 2  :

Items - the basis and its salts have antivermicular effect at an ascaridosis and an enterobiosis. At other nematodoses, and also at tsestodoza and trematodoza drugs P. are inefficient. (Ascarids and pinworms) P. and its drugs get into an organism of helminths, sensitive to them both through intestines, and through a cuticle, causing immobilization of helminths owing to paralysis of their neuromuscular system which develops, apparently, as a result of suppression in fabrics of helminths of processes of anaerobic glycolysis and disturbance of education amber to - you from fumaric. Puberal and immature individuals of ascarids and pinworms of both sexes are equally sensitive to P.'s action and its salts. Use of drugs P. does not demand special training of patients for deworming (purpose of a diet, purgatives). At repeated courses of treatment drugs P. it is possible to reach deworming practically in 100% of cases.

Drugs P. of a malotoksichna. Side effect it is observed rather seldom (in 4% of cases) and the hl is shown. obr. loss of appetite, moderate abdominal pains, nausea, sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. Occasionally there can be disturbances from c. N of page (a headache, drowsiness, a tremor, muscular weakness, an ataxy) which is quickly undergoing later cancellations of drugs.

Drugs P. are contraindicated at organic diseases of c. N of page and renal failure.

In medical practice of the Item. it is used in the form of citrate (Piperazini citras; synonym: Antepar citrate, Nelmezine, etc.), phosphate (Piperazini phosphas; synonym: Antepar, Fosf about vermin, etc.) and other salts.

In the USSR P. apply hl. obr. in the form of adipate.

Piperazin adipate (Piperazini adipinas; synonym: Nematocton, Piperascat, Piperazinum adipi-nicum, etc.; GF X); With 4 H 10 N 2 - With 6 H 10 O 4 . Inodorous white crystal powder. Let's dissolve in water, we will easily dissolve in hot water, we will difficult dissolve in divorced mineral to-takh, it is almost insoluble in 95% alcohol and ether; pier. weight (weight) 232,28; pH of 5% of water solution 5,0 — 6,0.

For treatment of an ascaridosis drug appoint inside on 2 times a day within 2 days in 1 hour prior to food or through g12 — 1 hour after food. The adult on 1,5 — 2 g (3 — 4 g a day), to children — depending on age: till 1 year on 0,2 g on reception (0,4 g a day), from 2 to 3 years on 0,3 g on reception (0,6 g a day), from 4 to 5 years — on 0,5 g on reception (1 g a day), from 6 to 8 years on 0,75 g on reception (1,5 g a day), from 9 to 12 years on 1 g on reception (2 g a day), from 13 to 15 years on 1,5 g on reception (3 g a day).

At an enterobiosis drug is accepted in the same doses courses for 5 days with 7-day breaks between courses. In total carry out 2 — 3 courses of treatment.

To children of piperazin adipate is appointed also in the form of 5% of solution (Solutio Piperazini adipinatis of 5%). In 100 ml of solution contains piperazin of adipate of 5 g, lemon to - you are the 2nd, sugar syrup of 72,9 g, Natrium benzoicum of 0,1 g, a distilled water of 20 ml. It is transparent liquid of weak-yellow color, inodorous, sweet-sour taste.

Solution is accepted inside through 1/2 — 1 hour after food. At an ascaridosis appoint: to children from 1 year to 3 years on 1 chayn. l. (0,25 g) 2 times a day, from 4 to 9 years on 1 dessertspoon (0,5 g), from 10 to 14 years on the 2nd table. l. (1,5 g), 15 years are also more senior on 3 — 5 table. l. 2 times a day within 2 days.

At an enterobiosis drug is appointed in the same doses courses for 3 — 5 days. In total carry out 2 — 3 courses of treatment with breaks on 7 days. During treatment strict observance a gigabyte is necessary. mode.

Form of release: tablets on 0,2 and 0,5 g; 5% solution in bottles of orange glass on 100 ml. Storage: tablets in usual conditions; solution in the cool, protected from light place.

See also Helminthicides .

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V. K. Muratov.