PIONTKOVSKY Igor Andreevich

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PIONTKOVSKY Igor Andreevich (1902 — 1979) — the Soviet pathophysiologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1941), professor (1951), zasl. scientist of RSFSR, Member of the CPSU.

PIONTKOVSKY Igor Andreevich

In 1925 ended medical f-t of the 2nd MSU. In 1936 — 1951 the manager. experimental department Ying-that physical therapy, since 1951 the department chair of pathological physiology Gorky medical in-that, from 1954 to 1969 the manager. laboratory of a neuroradiology Ying-that higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

I. A. Piontkovsky published St. 150 scientific works, including 4 monographs. Its researches are devoted to hl. obr. to studying of mechanisms of action of various physical factors (electric field of ultrahigh frequency, UV rays, ionizing radiation etc.) on a human body and animals, and also to questions of history of medicine (the work devoted to A. I. Polunin, J.-A. D'Arsonval, etc.). In particular, studying the mechanism of action of UVCh on inflammatory process, I. A. Piontkovsky formulated the provision on selective effect of UVCh on fabric elements of a mesenchymal origin. Studying in an experiment action of ionizing radiation on an organism of an animal, showed that depending on during what period of an embryogenesis radiation was made, at the been born animals the oligophrenia, a hypertension, dwarfism are noted, etc.

I. A. Piontkovsky was a member of presidium of Scientific council «Radiobiology» of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, boards All-Union about-va pathophysiologists and Moscow about-va physiotherapists, the editor of a redotdel «Pathological physiology» of BME.

Works: Influence of ultraviolet rays and electric fields of ultrahigh frequency on process of breath of the regenerating fabric, Bulletin Ekspery, biol, and medical, t. 6, century 2, page 277, 1938; Materials about influence of electric field of the ultrahigh frequency (VHF) on inflammatory reaction, yew., M., 1941; A. I. Polunin, M., 1949; Influence of ionizing radiation on posterity, Stalemate. fiziol, and Eksperim, rubbed., t. 3, century 1, page 12, 1959; About reproduction of an experimental oligophrenia at animals, in the same place, t. 4, century 6, page 28, 1960; Function and structure of a brain of the animal irradiated with ionizing radiation in the antenatal period, M., 1964.

Bibliography: Igor Andreevich Piontkovsky (To the 70 anniversary since birth), the Stalemate. fiziol, and Eksperim, rubbed., t. 13, No. 2, page 93, 1972.

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