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PINKUS Gregory (Pincus Gregory Goodwin, 1903 — 1967) — the American physiologist-endocrinologist.

Gregory's PINKUS

In 1924 left medical college at Cornel sky un-those, having received degree of the bachelor. Then studied genetics of mammals in Harvard where defended the dissertation on degree of the doctor of medicine (1927). Since 1926 associate professor of zoology Harvard un-that. In 1928 — 1930 trained in Europe, at first in Cambridge, then at Institute of the Kaiser Wilhelm in Berlin on physiological genetics. From 1931 to 1938 the assistant to professor in Harvard un-those, and from 1938 to 1945 professor of experimental biology at Clark's university. G. Pinkus — one of founders of Vorchestersky fund for researches in the field of experimental biology to Shrewsbury (State of Massachusetts), since 1956 the head of this establishment and at the same time professor of biology Boston un-that.

The main direction of works of G. Pinkus — a research in the field of experimental endocrinology on problems: reproductive function of the person and mammals, control of ovulatory processes, in particular effects of hormonal contraception (these researches formed a theoretical basis for use of peroral contraceptive drugs); fiziol. effects of adrenal hormones. He offered a method of quantitative definition of 17 ketosteroids in urine; showed to one of the first the braking influence of drugs of a yellow body on function of a front share of a hypophysis.

G. Pinkus was a member of National academy of Sciences, the honorary member scientific about-in various the countries, the member of the editorial offices of a number of magazines, the editor of several fundamental editions and the managements.

Works: The eggs of mammals, N. Y. — Boston, 1935; The hormones, v. 1, N. Y., 1948, v. 2, 1950 (bus of a number of hl. and an edition sovm, with Thimann K. V.); Aspects du metabolisme des steroides hormonaux, Liege — P., 1955; Biological activities of steroids in relation to cancer, N. Y. — L., 1960 (edition sovm. with Vollmer E. P.); The control of fertility, N. Y. — L., 1965.

Bibliography: Gregory Pincus, Triangle, v. 7, p. 194, 1966.

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