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PILOSEBOTSISTOMATOZ (Latin pilus of hair + sebum fat + grech, kystis a bubble + - oma + osis; synonym; Pringla steatocystoma multiple, trikhosebatseokistozny nevus) — the disease which is characterized by existence of multiple benign cysts of sebaceous glands. For the first time P. is described by Pollittser (S. Pollitzer, 1891); occurs seldom, preferential at men.

The item results from a hereditary nevoid dysplasia of epidermis and represents intradermal cysts sebaceous glands (see) or their output channels, connected with grease and hair follicles (including and vellus hair). Usually the cyst is separated from not changed cover epidermis by a strip of connecting fabric. Walls of a cavity of a cyst are covered by spherical cells of a secretory epithelium, a part of which is flattened or a nekrotizirovana. Outside the cyst is covered with the connective tissue capsule with a large amount of elastic fibers. The follicular hyperkeratosis is possible.

The disease arises usually at early children's age or during puberty and is characterized by emergence of translucent small knots (cysts) with a diameter from several millimeters to 1 cm, a rounded or oval shape which are slightly towering over the level of skin, a soft elastic consistence. The quantity varies them from several tens to several thousand. Cysts are usually localized on a breast, a back, is more rare than a pilar part of the head, shoulders, axillary hollows, hips, forearms, a scrotum. Sometimes in the center of a small knot there is a small deepening, through a cut it is possible to squeeze out from small cysts dense, whitish-yellow, from big — liquid as luccu oil, the contents consisting of neutral fats and crystals of cholesterol. Cysts can suppurate. Subjective feelings are absent.

The diagnosis is based on the data a wedge, pictures confirmed in doubtful cases gistol, a research of the site of skin. Differential diagnosis is carried out with xanthomas (see), atheromas (see. Epidermoid cyst ), vulgarnsh eels (see. Eels ), a White's disease (see. Keratoza ), a syringoma (see. Skin ), a syringocystadenoma (see. Syringadenoma ).

Treatment — diathermocoagulation (see) or operational removal of separate cysts (it is obligatory with the capsule).

Forecast favorable.

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