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PIKKERING George (Pickering George White, sort. in 1904) — the English cardiologist, professor (1939).


Graduated from the higher school of physiology at Cambridge un-those (1930). Doctor of medicine (1930). Would work as the doctor in university Oxford and London (1930 — 1939). Specialized on cardiovascular diseases. I gave a course of lectures on kardiovask at l r-ache pathologies in medical college Cambridge un-that (1936 — 1939). From 1939 to 1956 — professor London un-that and at the same time the head of cardiological clinic of hospital of St. Maria in London. Honorary rector Oxford un-that (1967).

J. Pikkering published St. 230 scientific works on questions of clinical and experimental cardiology, including 6 monographs from which the greatest fame was gained by a capital research» «High blood pressure». It one of pioneers of studying of a problem of arterial hypertension, both essential, and its symptomatic forms caused by damage of kidneys, endocrine system, organic diseases of c. N of page, etc., and also regional hypertensions, a condition of an arterial wall at arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis; it studied a role of a renin, chlorides, some amino acids and enzymes in a pathogeny of hypertensia and complications of atherosclerosis.

J. Pikkering — honourable doctor Kembridzhsky (1959), the Oxford (1974) and other high fur boots of Great Britain, and also high fur boots of many countries, the honorary member London royal about-va (1960), the honorary academician of National academy of Sciences of the USA (1970), Royal academy of Sciences of Sweden (1970), etc.; associate editor of magazines «Lancet», «British Medical Journal». It is awarded a number of domestic and international awards.

Works: The nature of essential hypertension, L., 1961; The treatment of hypertension, Springfield, 1961 (sovm, with other); High blood pressure, N. Y., 1968; The challenge to education, Harmondsworth, 1969; Hypertension, Causes, consequences and management, L., 1970.

Bibliography: Pickering, Sir George (White), in book: Modern men of science, v. 2, p. 414, N. Y., 1968.