PIKE PERCHES Konstantin Viktorovich

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PIKE PERCHES Konstantin Viktorovich (sort. in 1932) — the Soviet physiologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1975). P. K. Anokhin's pupil. Member of the CPSU.

PIKE PERCHES Konstantin Viktorovich

After the termination of the 1st MMI in 1956 worked at department of normal physiology of the 1st MMI, then Ying-that was an employee of normal and pathological physiology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. From 1967 to 1974 professor of department of normal physiology of the 1st MMI. Since 1974 the director of scientific research institute of normal physiology of P. K. Anokhin of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences and at the same time the department chair of normal physiology of the 1st MMI.

K. V. Sudakov is the author of St. 350 scientific works, including 7 monographs and 7 brochures devoted to hl. obr. to development of the theory of functional systems (see) P. K. Anokhin. Together with P. K. Anokhin he created the peysmekerny theory of formation of motivational excitement (1970) and neurophysiological theories of hunger, appetite and «touch» saturation (1971). It formulated the provision on system quantization (a partition on separate acts) behavior and to its sistemogeneza, the imprintingovy hypothesis of formation of an acceptor of results of action, etc. is stated. K. V. Sudakov the first in the USSR began to study mechanisms biol. motivations (see). Results of these works are generalized by it in the monograph «Biological Motivations» (1971). K. V. Sudakov for the first time studied various properties of motivational excitement and, in particular, changes of neurochemical characteristics of separate neurons under the influence of the dominating motivation are noted. He offered the holographic principle of the organization of the dominating motivations; described different types of box-kovo-subcrustal integration of motivational excitement, and also a role of nek-ry peptides in the central organization of motivations and emotions. Scientific interests K. V. Su-dakova cover also various aspects of physiology having general-theoretical and applied value for medicine: system mechanisms of resistance to emotional stresses, mechanisms of an electrosleep and electroanalgesia, central mechanisms of pain and analgesia. Under its management multidimensional physiological studying of the person in the course of production activity for the purpose of prevention of diseases and diagnosis of health is carried out.

To. V. Sudakov is the deputy aka-demika-secretary of Department of medicobiological sciences of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the associate editor of BME and the editor-in-chief of a redotdel «Normal physiology», the member of presidium of board All-Union about-va physiologists of I. P. Pavlov, the associate editor of the Achievements of Physiological Sciences magazine, and also the member of a number of the foreign organizations and scientific about - century.

It is conferred an award of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of P. K. Anokhin (1982).

Works: Biological motivations, M., 1971; System mechanisms of motivations, M., 1972; System mechanisms of purposeful behavioural acts, M., 1977; Homeostatic Locus ceruleus functions (livor), M., 1980 (sovm. with other); System mechanisms of an emotional stress, M., 1981; Fundamentals of physiology of functional systems, M., 1983 (sovm. with other).

S. A. Osipovsky.