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PIALNY SARCOMA (late lat. pialis relating to a soft meninx; sarcoma; synonym: pialny sarcoma diffusion endothelial, pialny sarcoma fibroblastichesky, diffusion sarcomatosis of a soft meninx) — primary diffusion tumor affecting usually vascular and web covers of a head or spinal cord. From what endothelium (arachnoidal or vascular) there is this tumor, it is not found out. It is observed seldom.

Macroscopically soft meninx of a mutna, lactescence, are sharply thickened. Changes are especially expressed in the field of tanks of the basis of a brain and in a circle of a spinal cord. Quite often the tumor creeps on a soft meninx in the form of small nodular growths, sometimes burgeoning in marrow and a firm meninx.

Mikropreparat of primary sarcoma of a soft meninx: 1 — tissue of a brain, 2 — the fabric of a tumor consisting of cells with spindle-shaped hyperchromic kernels; coloring according to Van-Gizona; X 240.

Microscopically soft meninx of an infiltrirovana cells with poorly expressed cytoplasmatic bodies and roundish, oval and spindle-shaped kernels (fig). These cells are directly connected with an adventitia of blood vessels and form around them massive perivascular couplings. Sometimes mitoses meet. Tumor cells from covers can or directly get into substance of a brain, or extend on an adventitia of vessels. Growth of a tumor on a soft meninx is observed also at a medulloblastoma of a cerebellum (see. Medulloblastoma ) and metastatic diffusion carcinomatosis.

Primary P.'s diagnosis of page is made on the basis of existence of a tumor with the characteristic perivascular structure diffuzno striking a soft meninx and lack of a tumoral node in a brain and in other bodies.

Clinically P. of page proceeds as the process limiting intracranial space with defeat of basal structures of a brain (see. Brain, tumors ).

Treatment is generally symptomatic, directed to elimination of headaches of the shell character and cerebral decompression. At development of signs of disturbance of outflow of cerebrospinal liquid from ventricular system of a brain likvoroshuntiruyushchy operations can be undertaken (see. Hydrocephaly ). Forecast adverse.

See also Sarcoma .

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